I'm really loving the look I did here.  I'm thinking of drawing cat eye liner next time to glam it up even more.

Yea, you can scroll down the page to check out what I'm talking about.  Haha!  Or you can stay here and read the review part first.

So tonight I'm writing about 3 different products from the same brand - ELF.  There are actually two other ones, one lipstick and mattifying balm but I thought of doing a separate post for those.

For these bunch on the other hand, I think I won't go on rambling too much so I thought of combining them.

Let's start with the eye makeup first.

Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Toast and Party

These are basically glittery eye shadow pots.  I said glittery and not metallic or shimmery because there are indeed specks of glitter in the formula.  They are not in chunks though - still subtle and nice.

They feel wet and have some kind of moussy texture.  Such products do tend to dry out and become like a stone if you don't close it tightly.  :P

I must say, these are not for blending.  It is better if you use 'em when you want to pack on colors on the lids.  

I apply them using a synthetic brush or just a finger.  The gold one applies very nicely but the dark one is patchy.  

As you can see, they both lack in pigment but on the eyes and on top of primer, they're good enough.

I also don't have much to say in terms of lasting power yet but I don't think I would wear them without primer underneath anyway so no worries about that part.

Here's how a wash of Toast on the lids looks like.  Then, I used Party to deepen my outer corners.  I also put on a berry shimmery color to blend on the crease.

Yay!  I really like how it turned out!  Who wants a tutorial?

Eye Widener Pencil

This one, I hate the most.

You know me.  I love me a good white pencil for the waterlines so I was excited to use this.  Unfortunately, we're not meant to be.  Haha!

It's very streaky and extra extra creamy.  As I apply it directly on my waterlines, the product breaks and it just causes a mess rather than creating color.  Ugh.

I tried to find a way so I tried using a brush to apply it but I still couldn't get the color that I want.

With that, I might just toss this one away.

Baked Bronzer in Los Cabos

I've already mentioned that I use this on the eyes as well because as a bronzer, the color is too light on me.  However, since I don't have a new bronzer yet, I'm trying to make it work.  A very subtle bronze is okay for me so far.

It has a sheen to it and that makes it so nice to use as an eye shadow.  In fact, I use this almost everyday.  I sometimes use it alone and just pairing it with a tightline and mascara, then I'm all set.

Here's the swatch.

It doesn't give me any problems when I blend it but like I said, if I want to use it on my cheeks, I have to load up my brush with a lot of product or go dip a few times to really get a good amount the color payoff on my skin tone.

So that's everything for now!  More product reviews are coming your way as I finish editing a total of 3 videos.  I still haven't filmed the beauty haul so that might come waaaay later.  I hope you still watch out for that though!

Have a great week ahead!

your sweetest drug,
Is it just me or is hump day really more stressful than Monday?  It's like I get more uneasy on Tuesday nights because of impending workload the next day.  Ugh.  I'm starting to hate it.

Anyway, let's not talk about annoying stuff here.  Today, I'm sharing my short-but-sweet reviews on 3 skincare products.  Two of these actually came from my Althea mini haul.  If you haven't seen that video, you can click here.

St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub

Since my pores get clogged easily, I always make it a point to exfoliate my face at least once a week.  Well, it is hard to find a facial scrub that can really take out all the buried junk so I rely on my favorite iWhite nose pack.  However, there are times when I totally forget about it (or maybe I'm just too lazy) so I could see some of the clogs sticking out already.  

And that's the best time to use this scrub by St. Ives.

As you can see, the abrasiveness is moderate.  It feels like I'm scrubbing a superfine sugar on my face.  I go easy on the outer parts of my face but on the nose area, I rub like there's no tomorrow.  Haha!  Just kidding.  That would be painful.

I avoid the sides of the nose because it easily gets red.

It also smells nice - not too artificial.

I remember having a pimple after using this like once or twice but that won't make me hate it.  I wonder why though even if it has salicylic acid.  Hmmm.

My skin feels so smooth after each use and the fact that it takes away the clogs on the surface is already one good reason to love this product.

Oh!  And yes, it's affordable too!

Etude House Sunprise Must Daily Sunscreen

I'm not sure if you can remember but I've tried a sample of this before.  I liked it so I didn't think twice when I bought this sunscreen.

However, the problem popped up after using this for a couple of days.

I noticed that I was getting whiteheads on my forehead.  I actually stopped using this but I wanted to give it a second shot.  Too bad, the result was still the same.  I don't know what's causing the reaction but I don't want to get more of those bumps so I decided to ditch it.

In case you're wondering, it doesn't have that common sunscreen scent but it does smell like perfume.

Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea 70 Emulsion

One huge bottle of moisturizer for me!

I recommend this to people with normal to dry skin.  Yes, I'm oily but I still used it as my day and night moisturizer.  It made me grease even more so I had to break up with this baby.

It's a good emulsion but it's not lightweight so I suggest using it only at night.  I also noticed that it doesn't get easily absorbed but it really hydrates the skin.

Since it's not compatible with my skin type, I'm now using it as an eye cream.  Yep, I don't want to let go of a nice skincare here.

That's it!

Have you tried any of these?  Lemme know!

your sweetest drug,
Feeling under the weather today.  Good thing my fever is gone but I still have this annoying phlegm that makes me cough.  Ugh.  

The plan tonight is to edit another vlog after this post.  I wanted to film but I don't think I have enough energy for that.  Maybe tomorrow?

So I'm going to talk about a lipstick that I've been liking recently.  It is one of the creamy mattes from Maybelline.  

They've also released the nudes ones here in the Philippines but I wasn't able to score anything. Yep.  Taking a break from shopping.  

I got this for only 199 (their introductory price) instead of 299 php.  I regret not buying at least two shades because it is such a great drugstore lippie.


I picked Mesmerizing Magenta, a bright hot pink with purple tones.  Hmmm, not sure if I've described it correctly but anyway, the name says it all.  

It's really pigmented and same goes to the other shades I've swatched.  You can really get a good color payoff with just one swipe.


Clearly, it's matte.  No shine even a little bit.


I really think it's one of the best matte lipstick formulas I've ever tried.  Very velvetty yet so lightweight.  I don't find it drying either.

It also smells good - like Play Doh clay.  


It transfers but color does not easily disappear.  It clings very well because it's matte and the best part, it leaves a stain so my lips are still kind of tinted after drinking or eating.

Although sometimes I get a lot of product in between the lines of my lips as it fades.  

I love how it gives a pop of color so on days when I'm not wearing anything on my eyes except mascara and I'm not in the mood for a red lip, I grab this one and I'm all good.

How about you?  Were you able to try anything from the creamy matte line?  

Like Maybelline Philippines on Facebook.

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Here's the last part of my Japan travel vlog.  It took me two months to finish everything.  WTH.  Haha!  But I know you're already used to my delayed posts.

Anyway, basically in this video you'll see how my last week went.  Eating.  Walking.  Shopping.  And speaking of shopping, hopefully I would be able to find time to film a mini haul for you guys.  :)

Click here to start watching!

On my first time here in Ebisubashi, we shopped for clothes and we also checked out Daiso for a few treats.  On the second night, I went on a solo trip to buy more stuff and luckily, I saw Don Quijote on my way back to the station.  It was along the river.  I went a little crazy there because the store literally has everything.  Well, except apparels I believe.

I looked for a popular ramen bar as well and Google took me to Ichiran.  I lined up for about 30 minutes but it was worth it!  Awesome taste and experience.

The place was perfect for solo diners because there's a cubicle-like arrangement.  You won't be bothered by strangers and you won't get too conscious eating and slurping the delicious noodles.

And on the last night of shopping, I got a couple of stuff from a 100 yen store.  You should check those out as well not just Daiso. 

Soooooo, more food.

I never thought I'd like avocado and cheese tempura.  So yummy!

We also tried a famous sushi bar yet very affordable.  

I got to taste uni sushi as well.  I felt scary at first but surprisingly, it's not bad as I thought.  Haha!  

Another new favorite of mine are hotpots!

It was raining that night so this dinner was perfect.

So that's the end of this series!  I hope you enjoyed watching!  Next time, I'll try to get better video clips, not shakey ones.  Haha!

Thanks for tuning in!  Please watch out for two more vlogs and two hauls.

your sweetest drug,
Yasss for a productive day!  Even though it's a late start for me, I still managed to finish the sequence of the last episode of my travel vlog.  Next, effects and texts.  

I decided to have a quick break and before I go down to eat, I thought I'd share my favorite dishes from a local restaurant called Kuya J.

Yea, posting about food when you're starving is probably not a good idea but I'm doing it anyway.  Haha!

They serve Filipino dishes but I kinda sense a modern touch.  I love the variety actually.

I've been there twice already and so far, here are my top picks.

Baked Scallops

I loved the buttery and garlicky flavor.  Yum.  Yum.  Yum.

Bagnet Kare-Kare

One of the best I've tasted, except of course the kare-kare version we have at home.  Hihi.  

They also serve unlimited rice and that's one reason why we love to eat there.  #igottafeedthedragonsinmahbelly

Their pancit canton is a must-try too.  Perfectly seasoned. :)

Aside from these 3, I also enjoyed their fruit shakes.  The sisig?  Hmmmm.  Not so much.  The crispy pata though was also delicious but I believe nothing beats what we have here in Navotas/Malabon area.  Yea, biased but wait til you give it a try.

Kuya J is a best choice if you're eating out with a group because all of the dishes are for sharing.  

Go check them out!

your sweetest drug,